The winch pole sign is a favourite for schools, sporting clubs, community groups, councils, scout dens, lifesaving clubs, RSL clubs, SES groups, and more. It is permanently concreted to the ground and the sign is winched down to change the message.

The winch pole signs has been designed and engineered to prevent vandalism as well as being safe and easy to use. Once elevated, the sign sits 2.7 metres above ground level. When you remove the winch handle and apply a padlock, vandals are unable to access it.

The winch pole sign is also very low maintenance and doesn’t require any electricity. It is available as a tri-top sign (our most popular) or a rectangular sign. You may even like to add a sponsor panel to thank your sponsors or perhaps add your contact details.

The sign is made of tough durable fibreglass with the colours being part of the gel coat, the same materials a boat is made of for standing up to harsh outdoor conditions.

Our engineered design is expertly manufactured and the sign arrives at your doorstep 95% assembled. The remaining assembly is a simple case of fastening 4 bolts and concreting the pole into the ground as per our assembly instructions.

Designed for safety and ease of use, our winch pole signs have an industrial brake winch fitted to make changing your message an easy task. Safety flanges along the pole provide added safety brakes when lowering the sign. We can provide documentation for council requirements. The winch sign includes:

  • Sign 2100 mm wide x 1650 mm high
  • Sponsor panel (mounted directly under sign)
  • Pole and winch
  • Mounting head and bracket
  • Letter kit
  • Basic decals (stickers)