Changeable signs made from quality materials

Styletrak Signs are made from quality, durable materials designed to withstand our harsh Australian climate. This page describes some of the materials that are used in the manufacture of our signs.


The wheels have a solid rubber tyre and a steel rim with roller bearings. They are solid and robust and won’t be affected by the sun and heavy usage. They are actually rated to carry up to 230 kg.


Our trolleys are the result of 26 years of research. They are wide enough to give the sign adequate stability in a wide range of wind conditions, but they are also narrow enough to avoid creating tripping hazards and storage difficulties. Made of steel, they are formed and welded for maximum strength. The axles, for example, are a 20 mm solid steel bar.

There are 2 options for the finish on the trolleys: a hot-dipped galvanised finish or a two-pack black finish. A hot-dipped galvanised finish is considered in industry to be the most long-lasting finish of all with excellent rust resistance and hard wearing characteristics. Two-pack black paint is hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is the better looking finish of the two options.


Some of our fibreglass signs are still being used 26 years after Styletrak Signs was first established. The gel coat (with your choice of colour) is sprayed first, and then 2 layers of 450 gsm chop strand mat is wetted in. Fibreglassing is a long and skillful process that requires high workplace standards. That is why fibreglass signs are more expensive than alupanel signs.


Alupanel is a product that has basically taken over the signage industry. The panels are 3 mm thick and don’t warp or bend when applied to the steel frames with special glue and rivets.

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Decals are the stickers used with your logo, phone number, image, and the like. We use high quality, long lasting material so they don’t fade or peel. Basic decals like a phone number with only one colour are free with the standard cost of the sign. If the decals you require have multiple colours and complex graphics, the decals can cost up to $90 on each side.

Australia-wide delivery

Our signs have been sent to all corners of Australia and some to New Zealand. We work closely with our carrier to keep our costs down and to make sure our signs are taken care of during transit. The approximate cost for a sign sent within Queensland or New South Wales is $200.