Styletrak Signs letter kits contain over 320 characters. Proven to endure the elements of our Australian climate, many letter kits still being used by previous customers today are the original kits from 26 years ago.

Red numerals and black letters are printed directly onto high-impact polypropelene resin 3.5 mm corriboard. Letter kits are also available in other colour combinations.

Our letters are 200 mm high, Universal 67 font, designed for best visibility and clarity over short and long distances, ensuring your message is easily seen.

Our new and improved letter kit has up-to-date frequently-used words and abbreviations including www., new, sale, each, from, and only.

All of our signs come complete with a 320-piece letter kit. If you need a few more letters or want a second set, our letter kits may also be purchased separately. To see the full kit contents of a letter kit, click the link below.

Download letter kit details