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Fibreglass Signs

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Winch Pole Signs

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Budget Signs

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Letter Kits

Changeable signs for every purpose

Our fibreglass signs are manufactured from the highest performance marine fibreglass products available in Australia. This page provides some details about the various phases of the manufacturing process.


The colouring factor of our signage is created using “FGI Aquaguard Colours of Life” high performance gel-coats. This ensures our signs will withstand the severe weather conditions encountered in Australia. This colouring process gives our company the leading edge.  We can manufacture  signs in the colour of your choice. The colour pigment is part of the gel coat process, making it as resilient as the rest of the sign.


After the gel-coat is sprayed onto the molds, a laminate consisting of 2 layers of 450 CSM fibreglass mattingand resin are rolled into the molds and left to cure. This produces an exceptionally strong laminate equivalent to a 16 foot canoe.


Using Probond adhesive, the two panels are bonded together with a galvanised 30 mm x 30 mm x 2.5 mm RHS frame in the centre. Letter tracks are affixed on each side of the sign giving 4 rows of changeable advertising. Our custom made letter kits fit perfectly and easily into the tracks to provide your changeable message.

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Logos and graphics are computer-cut from quality vinyl and placed on the upper section of the sign on both sides. Our free proofing service allows you to visualise how your completed sign will look with your graphics or logo in place. We will only go ahead and print and affix once you are completely happy.


All of our products are covered by a 12-month national warranty, provided they are correctly secured and fitted as instructed.


The prices of our signs are summarised below. If more than one sign is required, the second sign attracts a 10% discount. For details of what is included in the following prices, please visit our sign pages.

  • Arrow Sign $1475 (inc GST)
  • Alupanel Sign $1275 (inc GST)
  • Budget Sign $1050 (inc GST)
  • Winch Pole Sign $3300 (inc GST)
  • Letter Kit $350 (inc GST) or $3 per letter