The arrow sign is our signature sign, exclusive to Styletrak Signs. The arrow sign is a trademark of Styletrak Signs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Available in 2 sizes, our standard and mini arrow / directional signs are suitable for businesses wanting to send an ‘act now’ message to potential customers. The arrow sign is popular with all types of businesses, including mechanical workshops, fruit shops, motels, swimming pools, furniture stores, and more.

Arrow signs are custom-made to match your business. Signs can be manufactured in almost any colour combination of your choice. Add your organisation’s name and logo and you have a personalised advertising billboard.

The sign material is tough and durable fibreglass, the same material a boat is made of to combat harsh outdoor conditions. The colour is part of the gel coat which is applied as part of the early stage of sign manufacture.

The arrow sign includes:

  • Sign 2600 mm x 1300 mm (overall size)
  • Trolleys and wheels
  • Letter kit
  • Basic decals (stickers)